Whitefish woman delivers emotional testimony in case against neo-Nazi website publisher

"It's time that we spread this message to extremists and others that spread their hate that hates... hate. And your acts of terrorism will not be tolerated."

A Whitefish woman delivered emotional remarks during a press conference on Thursday, after testifying against the publisher of a neo-Nazi website, who she says carried out a vicious anti-semitic harassment campaign against her and her family.

ABC FOX Montana's Angela Marshall was in the federal courtroom in Missoula as Tanya Gersh took the stand in federal court on Thursday to explain why she's asking for at least $3.5M million in damages.

No cameras are allowed in a federal courtroom. But for the first time in public, Gersh revealed exactly how she, her family, and friends were victimized in the "troll storm." She even broke down on the stand, saying "I'm sick that they can take it all away in a second overnight. It was all very devastating."

The intimidation began after publisher of the 'Daily Stormer,' Andrew Anglin, accused Gersh of attempting to extort money from the mother of Richard Spencer.

The younger Spencer heads the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist organization.

Gersh was targeted after she agreed to help Sherri Spencer sell a commercial building she owned in Whitefish, where both women live, because there were rumors the building would be a target for protests.

After Spencer changed her mind about selling the building, Anglin published an article attacking Gersh and initiated the "troll storm."

On December 16, 2016, Gersh said,"Life changed on that day."

Gersh told the judge that the threats have taken an emotional and physical toll on her.

She testified that when the threats began, she peed her pants for the first time.

She experiences panic attacks, feels anxiety in crowds and has trouble leaving her home.

She recalled a Twitter message her then 12-year-old son received, which read: "psst kid, theres a free xbox one inside this oven."

She broke down in tears on the stand, saying "Every mother's worst nightmare is seeing their son threatened."

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed the civil lawsuit on her behalf back in April 2017.

But the man accused in case, Anglin, has refused to appear in court.

His exact whereabouts are still unknown.

At Thursday's press conference, Angela Marshall asked Gersh about moving forward, knowing that: "I can't let this define my life. I'm determined to move on. I have so much love and support from the community and continue to have that support. The truth is, I will always be afraid. I think that damage is done."

But earlier in the courtroom, Gersh said, "Andrew Anglin will never take my faith away from me."

Because Anglin has never made it to a court appearance, his lawyers recently withdrew themselves from the case.

The judge then accepted a motion to default judgement to Gersh.

The SPLC and Gersh are asking for $1M for pain and suffering up front and another $2.5M for the future, $1.2M in compensatory damages and for the court to set a number for punitive damages.

No date has been set as to when U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah will determine the cost of damages.

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