UPDATE on hate speech found on African-American veteran's car in Bozeman

Joe Murphy car in Bozeman

BOZEMAN - Investigators say they can't find a connection between the Ku Klux Klan and "KKK" hate crime vandalism reported last week by an African American man who lives in Bozeman.

Joe Murphy woke last Sunday to “Were [sic] watching you -KKK" twice on his car - once in white paint and once in red.

Murphy an Iraq war vet was confident that this is not the Bozeman he knew.

Murphy reported the event to the Bozeman police and the FBI. 

“It doesn’t happen frequently, but anytime it happens, it impacts people’s sense of safety in the community and it’s a big deal,” Police Chief Steve Crawford said.

Bozeman police say they're taking this very seriously and tracking down all leads and working with the FBI.

The Southern Poverty Law Center does not list the Ku Klux Klan as an active hate group in the State of Montana.

You can click here to view a list of active groups in the state.

Whether or not this was a serious threat made by the hate group in the State of Montana or prank made by an individual it still comes with serious charges.

Whoever wrote this on the side of Murphy’s car could be facing felony charges.

A concern with this event is copycat vandalism. If you see something like this in your neighborhood, you're encouraged to call the police right away.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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