TSA Precheck event could cut Bozeman airport wait time in half

BOZEMAN- Going through TSA sometimes feels like unpacking your entire suitcase and putting your life on display for the world to see.

But that may not be the case with TSA Precheck.

There is currently a TSA Precheck event taking place at the Bozeman Yellowstone Airport that will help you not only travel easier but keep that belt on.

The event is currently taking place on the second floor of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, however, they are encouraging people to make appointments because last year they registered over 400 people.

The cost is $85 but that’s about $17 a year over the course of five years. 

“When you’re flying back into Bozeman through a busy airport it can save you good 15 minutes getting through the security checkpoint lane,” Lisa Burgwin of the Bozeman Yellowstone Airport said, “it can save you the hassle…. of having to remove all of those items like their liquids, laptops, your shoes, your belt, and, it could be the difference whether you miss your flight or not.”

It takes about 10 minutes to get through security in Bozeman, which means it would only take about five with TSA Precheck.

Depending on the success of this event they could do another in the fall, currently, the only other place in Montana to sign up for TSA Precheck is in Billings. 

But, if your bags are packed and you are standing by the door waiting to board a flight, airport staff says you need to arrive pretty early.

The growth in the Gallatin County area keeps this airport moving fast as ever. 

So, the airport is asking you to allow an extra two hours, that’s time to find parking, get checked in and drop those bags off and head through the TSA check line. 

With the population boom in the Bozeman area, every extra minute of time could make a difference. 

“July is generally our heaviest month, July and August... we’re expecting upwards of 100,000 departures 200,000, Scott Humphrey Deputy Airport Director said, “it will be very busy especially early morning midafternoon.”

Humphrey added that by the end of July they expect to have more parking available that new garage opening up during the middle of the month.

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