Trains won't stop Central Valley Fire thanks to new station

BELGRADE- Central Valley Fire in Belgrade recently opened up a new station. 

The firetrucks only just recently pulled in to the new innovative building.

Central Valley Fire Station #1 was only officially opened about two weeks ago with the plan that it will be for many years.

The design was done to plan for a growing Belgrade with the future in mind.

Planning for the growth of not only Belgrade but Bozeman as they often respond to fires in Bozeman as mutual aid. 

The team here says that this new building has a lot of pluses. They outgrew the old location, they also needed to change the location to help them get to you at home faster. 

“The old building was built in 1956 downtown Belgrade,” Bruce Hennequin Fire Marshal with Central Valley Fire District said, “this one allows us much better access to the district, obviously we can shoot straight out of dry creek road to the northern section, we can avoid the train by going airway boulevard, we can you go under the train instead of waiting for it.”

On a safety front, the firefighter's health was also in mind.

The chemicals from the fires that firefighters respond to can make them sick, and cause those life-threatening diseases like cancer.  

This new building was specially designed to keep cancer-causing chemicals from fires out of the building. 

It features a second building where firefighters clean up on their way back from a fire and has a ventilation systems that help ensure clean air is staying in the building and bad air is not circulating.

It's also equipped to eventually house more firefighters and firefighter administrators. As the area continues to grow those positions will be filled.

The goal was to build the facility once instead of coming back in two years and asked voters for money to expand.

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