Towhaul in Belgrade hopes to inspire next generation of skilled workers

BOZEMAN- National Manufacturing Day is October 4, and some of your kids might be headed to tour shops across the state.

Corporations across the state are celebrating with open houses, TowHaul in Belgrade hopes that this will plant the seed to get children thinking about their future.

“We just want to expose them to manufacturing and any of the trades,” Kim Wild the CEO of TowHaul said, “whether it’s auto repair or welding and fabricating all the trades are going to have a shortage in the next decade.”

Over the next decade manufacturers will need to fill over 3 million jobs, companies right here in Montana want to employ Montanans when those needs are required.

Wild says it's important to understand that there is longevity in these career fields, citing that 10 of her 70 employees have worked for her company longer than 10 years.

TowhHaul makes some of the largest towing mechanisms built and they are shipped all over the world.

School groups across the area will be taking part in these tours and getting demonstrations on what it’s like to work in the manufacturing world, with the hope that down the road kids will think about trade school.

“There’s an option for them when they’re going through high school and going to college you can pick the four year degree path or you can pick a trade school path,” Wild said “the trade school path it’s a shorter time period, it’s less dollars, and you end up making a significant amount of money.”

Anybody who has any sort of curiosity about getting involved in a company like this working a trade can stop by TowHaul in Belgrade around 4 p.m.

You can find a full list of Montana company’s around the state taking part by clicking here.

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