The story behind Montana's only e-scooter ride share

BOZEMAN- An army of scooters is descending on Bozeman.

They go roughly 15 miles an hour and there’s 150 of them scattered across the city.

Lana Kitto, the owner of Blink Rides, said when she hopped off the scooter for the first time in San Diego she was sold.

Sold for many reasons, leaving her car at home, not filling up the gas tank and if you work downtown not looking for a parking spot.

That is how the states first e-scooter-share program was born.

After a lot of hard work, negotiating and working city the e-scooter program launched Monday.

As of current Kitto is still the only female immigrant at the helm of a scooter company in the United States,

She says she's proud to live here in Montana, she’s proud that her scooters were engineered here in America and she’s excited to see where her ride will take her.

“Just things that you wouldn’t even expect have happened,” Kitto said, “it’s been really fun to watch, I’ve been telling everyone Blinks success hasn’t [had] anything to do with me I’ve gotten out of the way and chased it, this company created itself so fast so it’s been really exciting to be involved in.”

Kitto says the need was there and that this is something the people truly want, so maybe down the road instead of driving to work you’ll be scootering.

“There’s…. a whole generation that doesn’t even own cars in larger cities and so when I looked at what was happening to Bozeman I could really see the influx of like new-gen,” Kitto said, “so what’s the new way of moving it’s micro [micro-mobility] how do you get things smaller and move mass….it’s the scooter, so for me it was really just a good fit for what’s happening in Bozeman.”

They are very simple to use, you download an app from where ever you purchased apps from, the app gives you a location of where current scooters are and where you can drop them and you're off and scooting.

You can find out more information here and city rules here

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