Brookie's Cookie Dough

Brooke Alderman of Brookie's Cookie Dough food truck shows off her cookie dough creation.

BOZEMAN - It’s only been around for a month, but if you’re in Bozeman, you’ve probably already heard about it: Brookie’s Cookie Dough food truck.

The truck is already drawing regulars, with some customers waiting up to thirty minutes just to get a taste. Owner Brooke Alderman makes her safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough daily, and if one of the four doughs offered aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can pair them with ice cream and a fresh “bubble cone.”

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I am at 19th and Cattail my COOKIE DOUGH lovers !!!!! Come get a cookie dough fix 👀🍪❤️

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Alderman has worked hard to get her truck rolling. As a mom of three, she drove an Uber so save up enough dough for the bus. Alderman drove from the evening until 2:30 AM, then would get up in the morning to help her kids get ready for school.

But it’s the sweet memories of her Nebraska childhood that inspired the business: walking home from the pool with her siblings, eating a roll of supermarket cookie dough.

One bite, and you’ll be back in a simpler time, too.

"I like to take people back to their childhood with my cookie dough," says Alderman. "I'll do little things like I'll put a frosted animal cookie on there, or like a teddy graham on there, and I'll get a response like, 'Oh my god, I forgot about these. I love these.'"

But if you think becoming Bozeman’s newest guilty pleasure means Alderman’s work is done, you’d be wrong. In fact, she’s already talking expansion.

“Starting next week I’m going to have a ‘guest dough,’” she laughs, “so I’ll pick a new flavor every week to add to the current flavors that I already have.”

While she and her husband are the only two working the stand at the moment, Alderman says she might need to consider hiring someone to help out if the success of the business continues.

“It’s been a process getting here," Alderman admits, "so it’s super exciting that like, all that hard work is just finally paying off. And we’re in the bus, we’re making cookie dough dreams come true.”

You can follow Brookie's Cookie Dough on Facebook or Instagram to find out where she's parked every day, and you can find her this summer at the Bogert Farmer's Market on Tuesday nights.

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