The HRDC in Bozeman offering competitive preschool prices in the Gallatin Valley

BOZEMAN- There's no getting around it, childcare is expensive and if you live in the Bozeman, like everything else that price seems to be going up.

According to the HRDC, a nonprofit in Bozeman the going rate for childcare in the Gallatin area is roughly $1000 a month.

To combat the high cost the HRDC has reasonable resources available for parents who cannot make the $1000 a month price tag.

Right now the HRDC has open enrollment for three different preschools in the Gallatin County area in Livingston, Bozeman, and Belgrade.

The Belgrade and Livingston preschools fill up the fastest according to, Sara Savage, the Associate Director and Head Start Director for the HRDC.

HRDC offers reduced rates and no-cost care for parents of preschool-aged kids so that conventional and nonconventional parents can have the opportunity to send their kids to preschool.

“Cost in our community are so high across-the-board when we look at housing and transportation there are people paying over $1000 a month for a safe place for their child,” Savage said, “those costs really add up and make living in our community really challenging.”

They offer income-eligible slots and zero cost for a full school year for families that qualify, they also offer a full day and partial day plan, for the full day it’s $575 a month for the partial day it’s $425.

“There are long term effects of having really quality care for folks in terms of graduation rates future earnings and their social emotional well-being’s,” Savage said.

Open enrollment is currently underway for all three preschools, you can get that information by following this link.

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