The history of the Curtis Music Hall and Gamer's Cafe

BUTTE- As thousands of people descend upon Butte for its legendary St. Patrick's Day celebrations, here's a look at one of the historic community's treasures.

The Curtis Music Hall is a building with deep history in Butte. The hall was built in 1892 and actually had permit number 185, making it one of the city's first real structures.

The face of the building and its purpose changed many times over the years. Originally built as a music and dance hall then becoming a retail shop, a jewelry store and then ultimately housing Gamer's Cafe. 

Gamer's is a piece of Butte history that is still beloved to this day and wouldn’t exist without its iconic building, says Harriet Schultz, Museum Manager of the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives.

“Gamer's is a fixture. I mean, it’s a historical thing like the M&M. It’s a place where you want to send people just because it’s a step back in time, it's wonderful,” Schultz said.

The building was built by Irish-born lawyer John Curtis from County Cork.

After Gamer's original location was buried in 1932, they moved to the Curtis Musical Hall where they still call home.

Gamer's is still serving up pasties, hearty breakfast and homemade ice cream. The building still to this day carrying that historical legacy as a hub of Butte, America.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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