The City of Bozeman wants to give you cash to save water

BOZEMAN - Helping the environment could actually save you a couple of bucks.

The City of Bozeman will reward you with some great prizes for making smart choices regarding water conservation.

With the influx of people moving to Bozeman and the city's main resource of water being snowpack, the smarter water decisions we make, the less likely we are to be in a drought during the summer.

So by making a few small adjustments to be more mindful of the water use the city will make it worth your time.

You can get a free Kohler shower head, or reimbursement of up to $20 for a new shower head that considers water. 

If you purchase a WaterSense toilet, the city will reimburse you $120.

The city will also reimburse you for many landscapes and sprinkler amenities. 

Some reimbursements include $150 for drought-tolerant plants and up to $300 for smart irrigation controllers

“As of 2018, the city’s indoor rebate program has saved 140 million gallons of water per year,” The City's Water Conservation Specialist Jessica Ahlstrom said, “which is enough water to supply the city’s total water demand for 23 days.” 

The average daily water use in the city of Bozeman the 6 million gallons

A complete list of rebates is available here


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