The City of Bozeman hopes new signs will slow traffic

BOZEMAN- A new city program aims to use a simple solution to slow down drivers and protect pedestrians: free yard signs.

The city is printing free yard signs that residents can put up to remind drivers to look out for one another and take it slow.

Tanya Andreasen, city Neighborhoods Coordinator, said Bozeman bought about 210 signs for the pilot program. She says it's based on a successful yard sign program in Seattle.

“Traffic volume is up and speeds are up,” Andreasen said. “Neighbors have really been wanting a way they can be active in reducing traffic speeds.”

This program is allowing citizens to promote safety for kids in their neighborhood and feel involved in change.

The signs feature a few fun designs, including a sloth to help remind drivers to take it slow. So far, people are enthusiastic about the program.

“We’ve had folks come down to the City Shops and pick up signs as soon as they were printed,” Andreasen said. “They’ve been moving out the door, and I’ve been driving around town seeing them, especially near schools and heavy construction.”

If you would like to pick up your own sign the city has stacks at the City Shops, they are free.

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