What your student can expect from the new school

BOZEMAN- With the new Gallatin High set to open in fall 2020, students say the new building looks nice, but they’re not sure what it means for their friendships.

Ella Neubauer and Annalise Pessl, both freshmen at Bozeman High School, say they're sad that they’re going to have to part ways with a lot of their friends.

“I think it might change the sports a lot, because it’s splitting up a lot of the athletes that have been playing together for like their whole lives,” Neubauer said. “But I think it will be good in the end, because there will be more opportunity for kids and there’s a lot of new people moving here.”

As for the school itself, the district says they wanted to make sure students had equal opportunity for learning and activities between the two high school campuses. 

The new 305,000-square-foot Gallatin High building is massive in size.

The district says Gallatin High will feature around 72 different classrooms, gyms and auditoriums, and it will hold around 1500 students.

“The only thing that we don’t have here the swimming center,” Todd Swinehart, Director of Facilities, said. He says a pool wasn't in the school's budget, but students don't seem that concerned about it.

It's not clear just yet if students will be able to take a bus to the old high school for a swim class, Swinehart said.

What the school lacks in a pool, it will make up for in featuring a two-story library an entire list of Career Technical Education programs.

The CTE programs will teach your students trades like how to change the oil in the car all the up to how to build a dining room table in woodshop class.

With more than a year to go before it needs to be ready, Swinehart said the building is almost halfway finished. About 120 construction workers are working full-time to get this building open for the first day of school in 2020.        

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