911 system updates made in Bozeman

Inside the 911 dispatch center

BOZEMAN- The Bozeman 911 dispatch center recently updated its entire system. 

The recent system update is making the 911 dispatch centers operations run more efficiently. 

911 updated its CAD system which dispatchers call the backbone of their department.

“Every system 911 has, [has] been updated, it was long overdue,” Captain Jim Anderson of the 911 dispatch center said, “some of the challenges and problems we face here where the fact that our systems were out of date not working properly, so in the last year made a considerable effort to get those things updated.”

Captain Anderson understands that speed is everything in an emergency situation and says he has the most confidence in his staff to get you the emergency services required in an emergency.

The employees of the 911 dispatch center juggled six different screens and multiple lines of communication with law enforcement every minute of the day. 

The 911 dispatch center manages over 2631 miles and a population of over 107,000.

 Captain Anderson adds that the system update is only going to help the people of Bozeman and all of Gallatin County.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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