Students sound off on MSU gym
BOZEMAN- A few days after the south gym collapsed we were told that the north gym would fall in.
Saturday it did. No one was hurt.
Students who use the gym telling us that the truth is they are not surprised.
"We have frisbee practice in the gym like three times a week and there have been buckets of water collecting drips, and every time we go in there the buckets are just bigger." MSU Student Shannon Muenchow said.
Students telling us that they knew something was up but didn’t think it would get to this point.
"It's definitely a wake-up call and it was needed, obviously,” MSU Student Abby Eades said, “we knew something wasn't right but we didn't expect the gym to collapse.”
Eades has a racquetball class in that gym. Her gear is still in the locker room in that gym.
But now with the gym closed, questions are being asked by students as they pay for use of it out of tuition along with where class is going to be held.
Officials say they're considering options.
Eades says her racquetball class has been moved to the basement of a gym but she doubts shell be playing racquetball anytime soon in that location.
"I don't know what we'll be doing, I guess sitting in a circle and talking about racquetball? I don't know." Eades said
Other students saying that the gym is the daily escape they need and are sad to see it shut down.
"As somebody who really appreciates like using the climbing wall, they just spent a bunch of money and raised our fees for that, and if they have to rip down the fitness center then a lot of that's going to go to waste," Muenchow said.
This is an ongoing investigation and we will keep you posted.

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