Student from Pryor, MT wins prestigious Udall scholarship

BOZEMAN- A student at MSU in Bozeman won a very prestigious scholarship for her work with native health.

Brianna Bull Shows is a member of the Apsáalooke (Crow) Nation from Pryor, MT. 

Bull Shows was selected as a Udall scholar for her work in tribal health care.

She'll be getting some big money to help her through school.

She is a Junior studying microbiology and pre-medicine but her plans post-college are even more impressive than her course load.

She wants to get her degree’s and move back to the reservation and help improve the health of her people by bridging the gap between native health and western medicine. 

Bull Shows is sort of getting into the family business, her grandpa was a doctor and her mom is a nurse practitioner.

Her mission is simple, she wants to help western doctors learn the ways of native health so that western and native medicine can work for hand and hand.

She feels her knowledge will be best served on the reservation and she wants her people to know she’s working hard every day for them.

“It’s really actually important for me that they see that I’m out here because I want them to know I’m really out here to improve their health,” Bull Shows said, “I’m not out here because being a doctor looks good on an application and I’ll have all this money...It’s not even about that, it’s about me improving the health of the crow people and that’s what I want to do.”

Getting the Udall scholarship is not easy at all. It is only open to Sophomores and Juniors, 443 students applied and of the 443 students, 55 people got to take it home according to Montana State University.

As a prize, the students also get to go to a conference in Tucson, AZ.

Bull Shows is working on patient-provider communication so doctors can be aware of certain aspects of the culture when working with crow patients.

She would like to implement certain levels of cultural competency courses for doctors working with the patients.

Her goal is to earn a medical degree and then a master of public health. 

She’d like to return to her reservation to work as a medical provider. 

Bull Shows also would like to educate the next generation of native doctors by sparking interest in working with students on the reservation.

Eventually, she would like to have her own practice where she can give students the opportunity to have practical experience before getting their degree is.

She wants everyone to know that she gives all the credit back to her community who lift her up every day.


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