Streamline working on a plan to add more routes in the Bozeman area

BOZEMAN- The widely used Streamline bus service is undergoing a route evaluation.

The streamline service was designed 15 years ago. The HRDC who is responsible for the operation of the system is working to expand its efforts.

Streamline hopes over the next 5 to 10 years new routes will be added to accommodate for growth in the area and improve the rider experience.

A Transit Development Plan is in the works along with consultants making evaluations based on finances. Consultants will be looking at what the routes could look with additional funding, and where to look for that funding.

“It's also important to remember that even those who do not ride Streamline benefit from the Streamline services,” Sunshine Ross the Transportation Director, Streamline/Galavan said via email “by helping to reduce congestion and increasing parking availability.”

Streamline says over the next year surveys will be conducted and they would like the opinion of riders and non-riders.

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