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SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man has made good on his promise to send a special gift to a Montana veteran whose car was vandalized earlier this month.

Chris Morse learned about Joseph Murphy's story through social media.

Murphy is an African American U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq. He now resides in Bozeman with his wife. On the morning of Jan. 12, they discovered graffiti on his car.

The paint wrote "We're watching you. - KKK."

The story got attention around the country - including from Chris Morse, who lives in Spokane. Morse makes custom flags through his side business, Freedom Project Six.

For every six flags he sells, he donates one to a veteran.

When Morse heard about Murphy, he posted on social media asking if anyone knew Murphy so he could make him a custom wooden American flag with different logos representing the veterans military career.

Morse was alarmed by the hate-motivated speech, and by how many commenters online accused Murphy of making it up to get attention.

This motivated Morse to do something positive that Murphy could remember from his situation.

When Morse learned about Murphy's story he says it was a no-brainer that he wanted to build a flag for him.

Through social media, the two men connected and the flag will be on its way.

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