BOZEMAN- Ruth Spinelli has moved all of the country, played every sport under the sun and works a respectable 9-to-5 job at Safeway in Bozeman.

But when she's not working as a florist at Safeway, she's competing in every sport that she can with Special Olympics.

Spinelli has done everything from basketball to field hockey and has the thirst to do much more.

Competing in Special Olympics  gives her confidence and helped her set big goals.

Spinelli is the definition of an athlete.

She's currently working towards two goals, one is to compete at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi and her other goal is to rasie $2000 for this year's Special Olympics Presidents Polar Plunge.

Because the money she raises goes towards fulfilling hers and many others dreams in the State of Montana.

“It means a lot to me the money that we get it helps us go to games,” said Spinelli “Our hotel payments, just whatever we can do, I mean last year we went to Seattle to see the games and we raised funds to go there, and that was fun.”

She's working hard to make everyone's dream of competing come true and a few moments in cold water is worth the money knowing the good that will come from it.

Spinelli's practice schedule is anything but light, she essentially hits the gym five days a week doing multiple workouts and training sets.

Her biggest accomplishment is breaking her own record in the triathlon, finishing in 33 minutes.

Every year she takes part in the Presidents Polar Plunge, dressing up as a character and doing her part to support the organization that gives her so much.

If you’d like to donate to Ruth’s fundraising goals she keeps a donation bucket at Safeway in Bozeman and if you’d like to take part in the plunge all you have to do is click here for more information.

Ruth is working on writing a book and taking part in a play at MSU to "Spread the Word to End the Word," with the goal to increase inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. 

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