Scott Kelly in his own words on growing up, space and advice for kids in school.

Scott Kelly during his year in space (2015-2016). Photo courtesy of NASA.

BOZEMAN - We sat down with astronaut Scott Kelly before his talk at Montana State University.

The out of this world guest speaker stopped by MSU last Night.

Kelly was in town talking about his time in space and leadership.

The New Jersey native has spent more than 500 days in space and spoke with engineering students about school, space and his journey to the stars.

Kelly is a four-time veteran of space flights, an engineer, a former military fighter pilot and a retired u-s navy captain.

He talked about the importance of having scientists in government, his hope that more humans can go to space and why the next generation shouldn't be discouraged if they struggle in school.

"I can definitely relate to kids that are struggling students because I was one. For me, when I was growing up, it was not possible,” Kelly said, “I felt like it was not possible for me to pay attention and do well in school. And it wasn't until I found something that I felt like I had a connection to... The things I had in common with the test pilots that became the original astronauts.. Having that goal and wanting to do what they did, kinda forced me into a position where I had no choice, I had to learn."

Kelly and his twin brother Mark are the only siblings to have traveled in space.

They also participated in a landmark study on the effects of space on the body.

Scott spent nearly a year in space while his brother stayed on earth.


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