Rockin' TJ Ranch wedding venue

Rockin' TJ Ranch, a wedding and events venue near Bozeman, prepares for its annual Valentine's Day drag show.

BOZEMAN, Mont. - It's the season of love, and not only are we racing toward Valentine's Day, but we're in the midst of National Marriage Week. And some wedding venues are certainly feeling the love.

"Engagement season" kicks off on Thanksgiving and continues down the aisle until Valentine's Day. It's the season when 40% of couples decide to "put a ring on it."

The weeks leading up to the Day of Love see phones at wedding venues start ringing off the hook. All of those engagements and wedding plans are a big boost for businesses in stunning Bozeman, which is at the heart of Montana's destination wedding industry.

Rockin' TJ Ranch, a popular Bozeman venue, is getting ready for a lot of love to fill its halls. And for employees and wedding planners, it's all about saying "yes to the 'stress.'"

“The atmosphere is so upbeat and lively and, you know, it is a time of love and falling in love," says Rockin' TJ Ranch event coordinator Peyton LaBeau. "Working in this industry is so rewarding and you really get to, you know, make the best day of people’s lives really come together and watching that happen is really special.”

Labeau says that after Valentine's Day hits, their wedding season will fill in pretty quickly. So if you think Valentine's Day has a nice ring to it for a proposal date, you'd better start planning.

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