A Belgrade man had expensive tools taken off his front lawn and it was all caught on camera

BELGRADE- One man in the Bozeman area recommends investing in a home security system after his camera caught opportunistic thieves making off with expensive gear right from his front porch.

William Lamdin says he set up a saw in his front yard recently and went in to get a cup of coffee. But a passing thief quickly took the opportunity to take the $600 Dewalt saw, in an incident caught on video.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office confirmed the theft and said they're using his home security video to identify suspects.

“It didn’t feel great,” Lamdin said, “Having your things stolen when you’ve been in this neighborhood for enough time that you feel safe, and then having something taken has been jarring.”

But Lamdin says he's glad he recently bought a security camera from Vivint that captured the theft on video.

“That’s why I got the camera, and you know it’s paying for itself," Lamdin said. “It’s a few hundred bucks but it’s half the cost of my miter saw.”

He says that the system paid for itself with the footage that he was able to hand over to authorities.

Security companies like Nest, ADT and Vivint have hit the market helping people catch thieves stealing packages off their porches or in situations just like this.

Lamdin still hasn’t been able to advance on any of his home-improvement projects but is grateful and recommends the purchase of a system like Vivint.

The Gallatin County  Sheriff's Department says that they heve found the saw in the Helena area and have identified the thieves.

This is still an ongoing investigation and if you have any extra information your asked to call the Gallatin County Sheriffs Office. 

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