Post-holiday trash amounts to a thousand more pounds per household

While businesses across the nation take things easy after the holiday rush, one industry is ramping up its services to deal with the Christmas leftovers. 

Republic Services collects garbage for 44,000 people in Missoula County.

Employees say the weeks after Christmas are so busy, they tell customers to expect a 24-hour delay for trash collection. 

General Manager Glenda Bradshaw said the holiday season generate 25 percent more trash on average, which adds up to a thousand more pounds of garbage per household. 

Bradshaw encourages everyone to take some time and go green this holiday season. 

"At all times, particularly during the holidays, Republic Services encourages folks to divert as much as they can from the landfill by recycling, and by being familiar with that can go in our all-in-one recycling program," Bradshaw added. 

And what about those leftover Christmas trees? The city of Missoula will turn trees to compost, which can be used throughout the year for your gardens. You can drop off your Christmas trees here

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