Possible new parking in downtown Bozeman

BOZEMAN- Parking in Bozeman always is a hot button issue, some complain there is not enough not only on the street but in the parking garage downtown. 

The city is currently engaged in a study they could determine if they need to build a new parking structure or add a level to the existing parking structure.

Building a new parking structure or adding a level doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have better luck.

“Where we site parking garage, where the city physically sites the parking garage is important in the zoning code,” Ed Meece Parking Program Manager said, “there are some opportunities for development that occurs within, I, think 1000 feet of a parking structure.”

Meaning, you guessed, more people living downtown.

“Where we build a new parking structure could open up new development opportunities for the downtown as well so those are some things we need to balance,” Meece said.  

So to break it down, if the city adds a new parking structure, more apartment complexes could be built downtown, due to zoning developers can use city parking structures to fulfill parking needs. 

So if a new structure goes up it may not really mean more parking for you downtown.

The city is currently conducting the study and they won't have an answer for a few more weeks as to what decision will be made. 

In the city's most recent parking meeting it was discussed to change the 78 annual parking passes in the parking garage from monthly passes to UDC passes.  

The three-hour meeting ended with city parking officials voting not to change the monthly passes at the garage downtown.

“Peak occupancy at the parking garage is between noon to two,” Meece said, “basically weekday lunch period.”

Data from the city shows the garage downtown is no more than 60 % full at any given time. 

*We will update you with more information on this topic when a decision has been reached

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