Photos taken with a long-range lens capture an incredible view of a bison cow giving birth in Yellowstone National Park.

A registered nurse from Joplin, Missouri, captured the series of photos.

Robert Six said he was in Mammoth Hot Springs when he noticed the bison was in labor. He tells us he was in a safe location and has been saving up for a long-range lens.

Bison Birth 4

"I was clear across the lawn and on the other side of the road by my truck and used a 600mm lens and a1.4 multiplayer," he said in a Facebook message to us. "(I've) been saving up for that lens for 10 years and just got it this year. It has really paid off in the images I’ve been able to capture this year. My real job is as a Registered Nurse in surgery here in Joplin Missouri but once a year I get to go to Yellowstone for a couple of weeks and do photography which has been my passion for the last 40 years."

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