One Bozeman mom wants to pay off negative school lunch balances

UPDATE- Lopp has hit her $5000 goal.

19 hours after her GoFund me was posted small donations rolled in. But one anonymous donor stepped up.

That one anonymous donor added $4,805 to her GoFund. Putting her at the $5,000 mark.

Lopp tells Wake Up Montana she plans to keep the GoFund me up over the weekend and will stop the Bozeman Public Schools after the money can be transferred from GoFund to her bank.

She hopes it can be done as early as Friday and as late as Monday.

Lopp expressed how in shock and grateful she was to the community.

We will update you with more information as the donation is made.

BOZEMAN- With kids at schools working hard to challenge their brains and learn as much as possible one thing moms and dads don’t want, hungry students.

This started with a conversation on Facebook from one Bozeman mom, Kelsey Lopp, she recently learned that some kids in the area accrue a negative balance on their lunch bills at school.

She says her hope is to help students by sparking a larger conversation. Lopp says she was completely unaware that kids could go into a negative balance.

Lopp explained that in previous years she was in a difficult position and would like to pay it forward.

She wants to help the children in the area and hopes that you'll join her.

She and many other moms in the community wanted to know if and how they could pay off the negative balances. The answers is yes, you at home can help.

Each school has an account for lunch balances, you can send donations to any school of choice or you can make a donation to the district-wide account by mailing it to:

BSD7 Business Office

Lunch accounts

Po. Box 520

Lopp is hoping that members of the community can raise $5000 to help pay off lunch for kids.

A GoFund me is up here. 

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