gfpd phone fraud

MONTANA – NorthWestern Energy customers are reportedly receiving phone calls from scammers who claim to represent the company, according to an official tweet.

Calls typically consist of scammers “[using] fear and a sense of urgency,” in threatening to disconnect customers’ utility services,” said JoDee Black, a public relations specialist for NWE.

“That just doesn’t happen. If your account is behind, you’re going to get many notices before services ever cut off,” said Black.

The company says it does not request customers to buy prepaid money cards to pay utility bills. Those who receive such phone calls are asked to hang up and call the official number at 888-467-2669.

If a scammer asks you to call a certain number back, you can report it to NWE for investigative purposes.

Additionally, those who are behind on payments or are concerned about their bill can call the official line for assistance, said Black.

As to why scam calls have come about, Black said it could be due to scammers being opportunistic on residents facing higher energy bills from freezing temperatures in February.

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