Pints with Planners back by popular demand

Courtesy of The City of Bozeman 

BOZEMAN- Knowing building codes is a lot of work and a lot of information to absorb.

So city planners are giving the people of Bozeman an opportunity to sit down with them in an informal way to learn building code and ask questions.

This Tuesday, you can stop by Nordic Brew Works for “Pints with Planners.” You can stop by and ask questions regarding projects in your house or around town.

“If you have questions about what makes a house ADA accessible, if you have questions about your neighbor's fence, [or] property line, if you have questions about the infrastructure grid where stormwater goes we’re going to have staff from the city that can answer those questions.” Neighborhoods Coordinator Tanya Andreasen said.

From adding on a bathroom to knowing if the city is getting a new grocery store, they’ve got your back.

From 4:30 to 6 pm you can drop by and ask questions about your project or other structures going up in the area and have a pint.

The city's engineers will also be at the event, so bring your list of questions on your home improvement project or about what’s going up in your neighborhood, and head down to Nordic Brew Works for the answer.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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