The Internet is talking about Oreo the calf-- a newborn who was rescued from frigid temperatures in Washington on Saturday. 

The calf was covered in snow  and ice but was brought inside to warm up and thaw out. 

Rancher Nick Cobb said he began pulling the ice and snow off of Oreo while his daughter used a towel to pat and dry the little calf off.

Rubbing a towel against the calf is similar to the motion a mother's tongue would make when licking the calf.

Cobb said in winter storms like this, ranchers go out hoping for the best.

"You hope and pray she is breathing and her mouth is warm. Usually if the mouth is really, really cold you lost the game," he said. 

Cobb said he picked up about 10 other calves that luckily were in better shape then Oreo was.

All the newborn calves are brought to the barn to be warmed up.

A herd will huddle together for warmth and protect from the elements, but some mothers abandon their newborns.

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