Police Lights

Rescue teams in the Flathead find a missing man who was suffering from hypothermia. He is currently being treated at a local hospital. Below is a press release from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office: 

On January 4th at approximately 2015 hours, Flathead 911 received a call regarding a missing man with dementia who walked away from his residence outside of Columbia Falls.

After an extensive search of all the roads in the area by the Flathead County Sheriff's Office, Montana Highway Patrol and the Columbia Falls Police Department, North Valley Search and Rescue and Two Bear Air Rescue were called to assist.

Soon after arriving on scene, a search and rescue tracking K9 located the man's track leaving the residence. The K9 team followed the man's track for a half mile to where he left the roadway.

At this time Two Bear Air was redirected into this area and found the man laying under a tree, a few hundred feet from the roadway.

Three Rivers Ambulance and Bad Rock QRU responded to treat the man for mild hypothermia. He was transported to North Valley Hospital for further evaluation.

The Flathead County Sheriff's Office would like to thank all of the responding agencies for a speedy response. Without this massive search effort, the man would not have been found so quickly.

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