Safety updates being made to connect downtown Bozeman to public lands

BOZEMAN- A new trail offers a safer connection for hikers or bikers headed to popular local trailheads.

The hiking trail to The “M” and Drinking Horse are being updated so that members of the community can cross safely between trails without using the highway.

Currently, both trails are separated by a stretch of highway, the safety updates will put an under the highway pathway allowing for easy access to both hiking destinations.

“This illuminates the need to walk across the highway,” Mitchell Overton Parks and Recreation Director said, “it’s an underpass, so a giant concrete culvert that goes under the ground and connects the parking lots from The M to the Drinking Dorse parking lot,” 

The work to the trail will cost about $4 million, about $3.3 million of which comes from a federal grant the city received for the project.

Multiple agencies are involved in this nearly 20-year project. 

Hikers can expect to lace up their hiking boots and start using the new features in late September just-in-time for fall hiking.

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