BOZEMAN- As MSU gears up for another school year, new students are moving in and the school is setting up an inflatable gym to substitute for the destroyed Marga Hosaeus building.

Bobcat move-in day is Wednesday, August 21. The school has assigned to move-in times for students between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The school released this information with streets to avoid during the busy hours on campus:

Avoid Eleventh Avenue south of the College Street roundabout to prevent creating congestion. Two roads on campus will become temporary one-way streets during the move-in period and Seventh Avenue will experience heavy congestion. Twelfth Avenue in front of North and South Hedges will be one-way heading south; Cleveland Street will be one-way heading east from Eighth Avenue, and Seventh Avenue will enter and leave the same way off of Cleveland Street. 

That information courtesy of MSU News Service.

The school says they will not know exact enrollment numbers until several weeks into the semester, but we've got a good number making their way here to campus for move-in.

“On move-in day we’re going to welcome approximately 3000 students to campus,” Michael Becker, the Director of MSU News Service said, “with the help of hundreds of volunteers from the faculty staff and the community…here to help our students not only unload their vehicles, which is a big help, but also to help them get settled in and welcome to the MSU and the Bozeman community.”

MSU employees are advised to arrive early to campus on move-in day and if you can avoid the area its recommended to help with the flow of traffic.

The school also says on the gym front the school will be opening up a part of the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center to students for the first time since losing the roof last winter.

“Students coming to campus now can take an opportunity to go to the gym and work off a little bit of the early semester stress and get healthier,” Becker said. “We really want to provide them with those opportunities, it’s good for their health. It’s good for their mental well-being and now we have that facility back.”

Becker added that parts of that gym were opened earlier this week with construction still going on to repair the other buildings.

The new inflatable temporary gyms will start going up within the next two weeks and should be operational for students by October.

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