New HGTV show “Mountain Mamas," based in Bozeman, putting Montana on the small screen

BOZEMAN- HGTV fans rejoice the TV network is bringing the magic of Montana onto the screens of people across the county with a new Bozeman based TV show called “Mountain Mamas.”

The show is based around two women who live and work right here in the Treasure State but their show is shaping up to be just a bit different than other home improvement shows.

Jackie Wickens and Trecie Wheat Hughes the host and stars of the show are using a real person’s budget.

So no million-dollar renovations are happening on the show. The goal is to not only stay under budget but to help the new homeowners improve the resale value of the home.

The fact of the matter is moving to Montana or moving around Montana isn’t cheap and they are helping their clients do it on a budget.

On top of working with a realistic budget to purchase and renovate the homes, they’re working to preserve the state that they call home and that they have deep roots in.

They’re doing this by way of repurposing the best of Montana history, whether it be through a 100-year-old barn door or a local craft brew.

Montana is the star of the show.

“Montana is definitely the third leg of the chair, the third co-star of the show,” Wickens said, “It’s a really special place to live in and call home.”

Wickens who’s kids are fifth-generation Montanan ranchers is working hard to protect the history and the legacy of the Treasure State.

“One way that we're able to bring Montana into our designs and renovations by utilizing so many of the craftsman’s that live here, as well as the reclaimed lumber mill [wood] and being able to bring back a little history back to life by using wood into projects,” Wickens said “that’s one way to add the rustic element and bring something that has a little bit of a story to these renovations.”

The team of do-it-yourselfers has been working towards the goal of the show for many years, they do it all.

They are brokers, contractors, interior designers and, now HGTV stars.

“I think we just we’re focused enough to know what,” Wheat Hughes said, “we just didn’t give up, this is the visual of us (climbing ladders) we kept working our tails off to get here.”

Wheat Hughes went on to say that what makes it so satisfying is knowing that they're able to give people their Montana dream.

The two both emphasized the importance of giving people a space they can be comfortable and themselves in, something they are working to give not only to the people of Montana but now the viewing audiences of the country.

The show airs on HGTV on Saturdays and is available on multiple streaming platforms.

You can find out more here. 

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