New city portal to help Bozeman residents save money

BOZEMAN- August is one of the hottest and driest months of the year here in Bozeman.

Meaning people use more water than normal weather that be for a pool, a green yard, or just running the air conditioning.

With the high temps kicking in and a need to save water, the City of Bozeman is launching a new tool to keep everything flowing as smooth as possible. 


Dropcountr, is a free water use portal for all City of Bozeman water customers, with Dropcountr, users can track water use, compare household water use to similar households, along with tracking the cost of each gallon used.

"Within this portal (Dropcountr) there are water efficiency goals that are set....[that are] custom for each household,"

Jessica Ahlstrom City of Bozeman Water Conservation Specialist said, "so that will really provide customers with a better idea of what efficient water use looks like for their home."

The City of Bozeman charges for water used in a single-family home based on a tier system, so efficient and responsible water use is encouraged by offering lower rates.

The city also offers rebates for water-saving plants and efficient appliances along with free water-saving showerheads.

You can get more information on rebates and showerheads here, and Dropcountr here. 

Bozeman receives an average of only 16 inches of precipitation annually, the city has a huge reliance on snowpack, so smart water use not only a money saver but great for our environment.

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