MSU makes car that runs on solar energy

BOZEMAN- A group of Montana State University students are showing off their new wheels - a hand-made solar-powered car.

The Montana State University Solar Club says the solar-powered car is almost finished, and the community is invited to come take a look. 

Students say it cost around $30,000 to build, and can go 60 miles an hour. They're hoping to race the car in Texas for the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

“Showing off the solar-powered car really shows the future and shows that solar can be a potential energy source for homes and cars,” Levi Allery, president of the MSU Solar Club, said. “We’re hoping this technology is very cutting-edge. Hopefully it will go on to make a change in the future.”

Allery, a senior and one of the founding members of the solar club at MSU, is excited that the vehicle was completed.

If you would like to see the car before it's complete you can stop by the Bozeman Public Library at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 20.

MSU makes car that runs on solar energy

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