MSU fraternities ban hard alcohol

Montana State University Fraternity and Sorority Life

BOZEMAN- Fraternity members at Montana State University making big steps toward safety.

The MSU fraternities say the decision to ban hard alcohol was made independent of the University's administration. MSU administration is expressing support for the change.

One of the overall fears is that due to weather conditions being so cold, over-intoxication could play a factor in students passing out on the way home and freezing to the point of frostbite or worse.

“The goal has always been to have zero medical transports from our fraternities. Having them give up hard alcohol is a major step in that direction,” Dean of Students Matthew Caires said.

Caires said this is not a silver bullet but a huge step in the right direction.

Caires says things are off to a good start with members of fraternities going room to collecting bottles of hard alcohol for disposal. 

With this decision being adopted by the fraternities, there is not a formal punishment in place if the rule is broken from the University, punishment for breaking the rules will be handled internally through the fraternities.

Caires said many times that he was proud of the fraternities and think this is a great overall step towards the safety of the University and commenced their proactive steps.

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