bozeman msu police responding incident

BOZEMAN - Montana State University is releasing additional information about an incident on campus that prompted a shelter in place alert Thursday. 

In a press release Friday, MSU police said the man questioned in connection with the incident has been taken to a facility for a mental health evaluation. 

The man was not arrested, but was taken into custody to be questioned. Police say no charges have been filed. 

The man is a MSU employee who was in the process of being terminated. Police say he made a social media post alluding to violence and reading in part "F-- this life I am ready to check out," Parrish said.

Police were also concerned by a report that the man owns at least three guns. Police found two weapons in the man's home, a loaded shotgun, and a hunting rifle, according to Friday's press release. 

The release goes on to say, "Although the individual had made statements to family and social media postings perceived as threats to himself and others, officers found no evidence the man was planning any criminal activity."

In Friday's release MSU Police Chief Frank Parrish said that "nearly all active shooter situations involve the suspect saying something to a family member or through social media, which is why, out of an abundance of caution, MSU determined that securing the campus was the right and appropriate decision."

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