Mount Ellis Elementary to host author C. R. Stewart Wednesday afternoon

BOZEMAN- Booklovers this one is for you If you live in Bozeman and you have some time Wednesday afternoon Mount Ellis Elementary School will be hosting author C. R. Stewart.

Stewart just wrote a new book called, “Birtfield and the Lost Crown.”

This book is the first in a five-part series, some students at the school have already read the book.

One student said that she hopes to be an author when she grows up, she is very interested to hear what it’s like to write as a full-time job.

“The hope is that they’re going to be learning a lot more about creative writing and getting excited about reading and the writing process,” Kaila Johnson the Principal at Mount Ellis Elementary School said.

Johnson said the school is excited to host the author and that this is the first time something like this happened for them.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the school, they run roughly $15.

The author will also be signing them. The school says this event is open to all, including homeschool students as well.

It will be taking place at 1 p.m at Mount Ellis Elementary School Wednesday.

You can learn more about the book here. 

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