Safety pre-cautions top of mind at Montana State University

BOZEMAN- Safety precautions are top of mind at Montana State University today after Thursday's roof collapse at the gym. Officials say they're working to make sure other campus buildings aren't at risk.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in Thursday's collapse.

The portion of the gym that collapsed was built in the early 1970s with a partial remodel in 2008.  

But several students said the early-morning collapse could have been catastrophic if it had happened just a few hours later when people started to arrive at the gym.

The school says that they have engineers on scene addressing this building. 

"We're looking primarily at the one that is the problem right now, that we can identify, but certainly all the buildings on campus are of concern to us, and we're working to make sure that all of them are safe." Micheal Becker MSUs Communications Director said.

MSU officials are still investigating what led to the collapse, although many students and faculty members that we spoke with thought that heavy snow could be the reason for this incident.

FEMA says the weight of 1 foot of fresh snow ranges from 3 pounds per square foot for light, dry snow and up to as much as 21 pounds per square foot for wet, heavy snow.

Montana State University's pre-disaster mitigation plan says that on MSU’s campus buildings must be designed to withstand a snow load of 30 pounds per square foot.

Bozeman has received more than 85 inches of snow so far this season. 

Emergency functions at the university are no longer in place and roads around the gym are open.

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