Compost bin

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Montana State University is celebrating after saving 540,000 pounds from landfills in the last year, all thanks to its compost program.

They say “waste not, want not,” and that proverb has certainly been taken to heart at Montana State University.

"Montana State University is a land grant university, we're kind of here to represent the people, and the student body, and kind of lead the way,” said MSU recycling coordinator, Logun Norris. “And so we're hoping when [the students] leave, they kind of think, 'Oh I composted at MSU, where else, how else, can I do that?'"

That mentality starts with the simplest of tasks.

As students hurry to finish a meal in the dining hall before heading to class, they’re faced with drop-off bins that force them to choose where they want the last of their food to go: compost or landfill.

"You gotta make it convenient,” Norris says, to create a successful recycling programs.

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