WYOMING - An all-women fire crew based out of Wyoming is on the fire lines in Alaska where more than 200 wildfires are burning. 

One firefighter is from Montana and the seven others are from around the country. 

The Bureau of Land Management and the Montana Conservation Corps partnered up in 2017 to train women to get certified for wild land firefighting.

The fire crew left last week. This is their first assignment of 2019. 

According to a press release the team is traveling by plane, helicopter, and boat to reach the Hadweenzic River Fire in eastern Alaska. 

"Montana Conservation Corp’s innovative Women’s Fire Crew addresses the gender disparity in wildland firefighting, giving women the opportunity to work alongside and empower one another while providing a platform to break into careers in wildland firefighting," reads the press release.  "The Women’s Fire Crew gives young female sawyers the chance to receive training and work on habitat restoration and fuels reduction projects without the heavy burden of working against gendered expectations.  In the process, they earn certifications that allow them to begin their careers as wildland firefighters."

Record heat in Alaska is fueling many of the fires burning in that state. Crews from around the country have been called in to help. Click here for more information on the the fires burning in Alaska. 

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