A mothers rock hard love showed off in painted rocks

MANHATTAN- Painted rocks are popping up on the side of the street in Manhattan.

But the reason they are being left around town is very special for one mother and daughter.

Watching your child suffer is hard, so when Sandy Herbst found out her daughter was dealing with some difficult health issues she grabbed the paintbrush and a rock.

All so they could hold onto some very colorful memories.

“Three years ago I was with a friend in Helena and she found a painted rock,” Herbst said, “[I] thought that was just the nearest thing.”

Fast forward three years and Sandy is out in the flowerbeds looking for rocks of her own, of all shapes and all sizes but for a very special reason.

“My daughter has an autoimmune disease that’s causing her to lose her eyesight,” Herbst said.

Like any mom, she wants to fix it, she wants to help her daughter.

“It’s hard as a parent to watch your child go through that,” Herbst said, “[I] would want to change places with [her] in a heartbeat.”

So to give her daughter, Jamie, a creative outlet to do at home while she comes to terms with her new normal, they came up with painting rocks.

Jamie now spends her days creating art to spread around the City of Manhattan and there’s no shortage of bright colors and fun designs.

“It gives you a really good feeling, especially if you can bring a smile to somebody’s face if they’re having a bad day,” Herbst said.

The goal right now is to paint rocks until they cant.

Sandy and her daughter are asking if you find one of the rocks share it on Facebook, re-hide it or if you’re feeling creative paint one of your own.

They want the bright colors and the happiness to live on forever.

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