Montana-based banks offering assistance to federal workers impacted by government shutdown

Stockman Bank is offering furloughed federal employees assistance on loan payments as day 19 of the partial government shutdown continues. 

Montana based Stockman bank is taking customer service to a new level. 

"It's really an offering to our customers that are impacted by the government shutdown," Stockman Missoula branch president Bob Burns said. "It's really important for us to react and do things that we can do to help our customers during this difficult time."

Burns adds Stockman bank operates at 34 branch locations across the state, and if you're a federal worker, Stockman's is here to help. 

"If we have loans with these customers, we're willing to offer some deferred payment plans, some restructuring of loans, anything that we can do within our power to get them through this time," Burns said. 

The special offering isn't just during the shutdown, Burns says their customers can even get help after the battle over the border wall ends.

"We'll reassess, I think a lot will depend on the length of the shutdown, and each customer is going to have a unique situation as to how they're impacted," Burns said. "We're willing to assist them through the end of this, and even afterwards to make sure the financial impact is a minimal as we can make it."

Stockman Bank also offered assistance to federal workers back in 2013, during the Barack Obama Administration shutdown.

Burns said to visit any of their branch locations and ask for a consumer lender to see options available. 

He said helping customers has always been their number one priority. 

"I think it's important for Montanans to know that Stockman Bank is committed to the communities and its customers to get them through difficult times such as this," Burns said. 

Missoula Federal Credit Union announced Wednesday afternoon they will also help furloughed federal employees affected by the government shutdown. Click here for more information

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