Missoula Animal Control Shelter Puppies

The Missoula Animal Control Shelter is over capacity, due to a recent spike in pet surrenders. 

"We've had seven surrenders in the last few days. It's a tough deal," Animal control supervisor Jeff Darrah said. 

Darrah said there are dozens of adoptable pets at their shelter, ready for a loving home. 

"They come out of here with all their vaccinations, their license, micro-chipped. They're also either neutered or spade," Darrah said. "When [animals] go, they've had everything done."

The animal shelter is hosting an adoption event until Friday Nov. 30. All dogs cost $55 to take home, and cats cost $45. But the adoption special isn't coming without a price to pay by the shelter. 

"We hate to do it because those funds are used to help support the rest of the shelter, but when we have no animals that are moving, we have to do something," Darrah added. 

But before the furry faces get the best of you, Darrah said to remember that adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment, 

"Getting a dog or cat is a pretty big event and commitment," Darrah said. "Make sure you're ready for it because they demand a lot of care and attention." 

This time of year, the shelter is always looking for donations. 

"Missoula is a really generous community. We just built a play yard out here, and the money was all donated by the people of Missoula. At this time of year, anything is helpful," Darrah said. 

ABC Fox Reporter

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