Military Consumer Month, hacks on how our military members can protect their wallets

BOZMAN- July is Military Consumer Month and The Better Business Bureau wants to remind everyone if it sounds too good to be true, it is.  

The BBB says one of the top ways people try to take advantage of our military is through fake employment offers, where a scammer promises a job over email or phone but then asks for the victim to pay for uniforms and training.

The BBB says you should never have to pay for something upfront like a training or a uniform. 

Another offer that could be made is to become a secret shopper.

You’ll be asked to spend large amounts of money on clothing and then send in the clothing along with a rating of that business, with the promise of reimbursement - But that reimbursement will never come.

“We look for jobs online, we do so much in different ways that evolve every single year let alone in five years or a decade,” Hannah Stiff from The Better Business Bureau said. “The changing landscape is hard for the average civilian who has access to their phone and computer and can read about all of this daily. Just imagine if you have been moving around or stationed overseas and you come back where do you even start and scammers know that unfortunately.”

The BBB says across the region hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost from the fake employment opportunities to lost dollars on home-improvement projects from contractors that take the money and run.

Moving around makes military members targets due to not having a local support system. The Better Business Bureau says it's very important that when working with a contractor you pay with a card or check.

The Better Business Bureau says you can report all of these and get information to arm yourself with at their website here. 

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