Mascot and colors for new Gallatin High School in works

BOZEMAN- The new high school now has a shiny new name, what it needs next is colors, a mascot and then students.

Currently, students across Bozeman are getting the chance to vote for colors they like along with 24 different mascot selections.

The superintendent says it's been suggested that royal blue and black be the colors keeping with the theme of the original Bozeman High School black and red.

Black being the base color and keeping things consistent across the district.

But the superintendent says community involvement is very important in the success of the new high school.

He feels the way to make the building be an inviting space is to make sure everyone feels like they've been involved in the process.

“I think it’s important to remember that our schools are our community schools they belong to the community we serve as custodians of those facilities,” said Superintendent Rob Watson, “making sure that they’re open to the public and welcoming, but what’s unique about a high school is for a lot of reasons you want to build culture and climate at a high school, it becomes really important for students and families, it becomes sort of a lifelong memory.”

Everyone can point back to a high school memory whether it be in the hall with friends or a basketball game so making sure that the building is the community support to facilitate those memories is very important to Watson.

The school district has been in contact with area printers so that when a color scheme has been chosen sweatshirts and sports uniforms will be ready to go on day one.

The complete mascot and color list are available here.

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