manhattan jefferson b ball vid

BELGRADE - A player is apologizing after a viral video of what looks like a shocking foul at a high school boys basketball game.

One boys' mother, who often records her son's tip-offs, captured the moment at the Manhattan v. Jefferson game in a 5-b district tournament. [The video is posted at the bottom of this story.]

It appears to show a Manhattan player (in the white uniform) attempting to undercut Jefferson player (#4 in purple) during the opening tipoff. The Jefferson player falls down hard.

Danielle Young, step-mother of Jefferson's #4, said she was shocked.

"I couldn't believe it," she says. "It looked so intentional to me, but after it happened I was more upset that the refs didn't call it and the coach didn't react to it."

Manhattan school authorities say the student apologized in person to the Jefferson player and team.

The Manhattan student responded late on Tuesday afternoon with this statement:

"I did not intend to cause any harm to the other player and I would like to sincerely apologize to him, his team, the Jefferson High School coaches, students, and fans for what happened. I have learned very valuable lessons and again, I am very sorry. I am glad he was not injured and I wish him and the rest of his team the best of luck at Divisionals."

ABC FOX Montana is not using either boys' name as both are minors.

Manhattan's head coach Wes Kragt wouldn't speak on the record and referred questions to Superintendent Scott Chauvet.

"We're dealing with this internally and we're dealing with this the right way," Chauvet said. "Hopefully we can get it settled and taken care of."

Jefferson High head coach Clint Layng sent a written statement: "I don't want to talk about that incident right now. It's being investigated and I don't think that should be my team's focus or mine at this point. I'm doing my part on what needs to be done."

The family of the Jefferson High player who hit the court wants more answers.

"I would just like that the coach be questioned about all these things," Young says. There's just a lot of unanswered questions that I would like answers to or them to look into."

A spokesperson for the Montana High School Association says they've met with both coaches and the parties agreed to let Manhattan handle any disciplinary actions.


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