Livingston working to get votes to be featured on a small business reality television show

UPDATE 1/20/2020- Livingston is holding onto the number 4 spot. 

Big names like Steve Bullock the Governor of Montana and Jeff Bridges have tweeted support.

There is one day left to vote. Voting ends Tuesday. 

If you would like to cast a vote for Livingston all you need to do is follow this link.

LIVINGSTON- The city of Livingston currently in the running to be on a reality television show.

Livingston went from the top 10 spot to the top 5 spot and now they are looking to be number one. But they need your vote.

If they win some big dollars for the small businesses are on there way.

The show called, "The Small Business Revolution," itself would be spending half a million dollars on several businesses in the area.

Now that just doesn’t mean remodels that means new websites, strategic marketing plans and connections to new products to sell.

The Livingston business partnership says this is not something that is wanted for the town it’s needed.

“I think as a seasoned business owner seeing all these new business owners come in as well as the inbetweeners we all work together to make this community greater,” Kristen Galbraith the

Chair of LBID said, “so I think an influx of marketing and infrastructure money for these businesses that really need it will only help to increase the popularity have the small businesses that keep the community going.”

The downtown partnership says the experience that will be gained will help to keep Livingston a unique place in the state of Montana and it will help keep Livingston local.

“Funds are certainly scarce and anytime that we have access to those funds that opens up many opportunities,” Dale Sexton

the Owner of Timber Trails said, “We really like our website, I think it could be better, we really like our marketing plan, but I can be better.”

Sexton explains besides maybe getting the leak in the roof fixed that would be his biggest takeaway, learning how to market his business on a digital platform.

“I guess what really resonates is regardless of how good you are you can always be better,” Sexton said, “these funds could certainly help us take our business to another level.”

The education and the money will be used down the road to help other small businesses thrive in downtown and the outlining areas in Livingston.

It's become such a massive undertaking to win that students at the Park High School are even getting involved and voting for their hometown.

If you would like to cast a vote for Livingston all you need to do is follow this link. The winner will be announced in the next few days.


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