Life skills learned on the ice

Marley Barboeisel just after skating 

BOZEMAN- People find their love of ice in different forms, some in hockey, others in curling and some in figure skating.

So it's no surprise to find a group of kids waking up every morning to put blade to ice working towards a goal of gold.

At 5:45 AM sharp Marley Barboeisel begins his two hours on the ice.

Working on jumps and spins until it’s time to go to school.

Barboeisel says after skating in the morning he’s ready for anything school throws his way, he’s awake, alert and ready for whatever is in store.

“[skating] makes me feel powerful and confident,” Barboeisel said.

A great mindset to take into the day. 

Barboeisel feels at home on the ice, moving with ease and laughing with friends.

“I definitely feel powerful because this is my medium of art and yeah it lets me express myself in a cool way,” Barboeisel said.

This weekend his hard work will be on display as he competes at the Bozeman Figure Skating Club's Basic Skills competition. 

Barboeisel will be skating at this event for the last time as he will soon be at an advanced level making him not eligible to compete in it next year.

He’ll be skating his free skate program which is solo and will be skating a separate program with his pairs skating partner.

Barboeisel started skating in Bozeman in the clubs Learn to Skate class and now is working on accomplishing his the United States Figure Skating Association tests levels.  

He went onto say he looks up to three-time U.S. National Champion Nathan Chen and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Bronze medalist Jason Brown

Barboeisel proudly displaying his split jump multiple times on the ice, a jump Jason Brown is known for.

All and all, Barboeisel found a home on the ice along with the confidence to tackle anything the school day throws at him.

Even though he occasionally falls on a loop or a lutz he gets right back up and keeps skating.

If you would like to take a Learn to Skate class information is available here,

If you would like to see Marley skate this weekend you can stop by the Bozeman ice rink at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds starting at 8 AM the competition will be going throughout the day.  

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