Kostas Lazarides of Belgrade inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame

BELGRADE- A Belgrade man recently won an award in Nashville for his years of songwriting.

Kostas Lazarides has called different parts of Montana home since coming to America in the early 1950s from Greece.

Lazarides says his biggest inspiration is Montana. As a songwriter, he says his inspiration came from the mountains, the tress, and everything that makes big sky beautiful.

In October, he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, that hall of fame includes names such as Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and, Garth Brooks.

Lazarides has a very impressive resume of names he's worked with, he said he was supposed to work with Dolly Parton but she got a little too busy.

Nonetheless, he's helped build the careers of many big names.

“Somewhere about 94, 95 whatever it was, a friend of mine a producer by the name of Paul Worley was working with a theses girls from Texas,” Lazarides said, “They were looking for songs for their first album and so I just had written that song with a friend of mine anyway we submitted it to Paul, Paul loved it played it for the girls and the girls took it.”

The song he is referring to is, “I Can Love You Better,” and that group of girls he’s talking about, they were the Dixie Chicks.

I Can Love You Better was on the group's first album “Wide-Open Spaces,” which sold 12 million copies.

Lazarides says he’s had a guitar since he was a kid and music has always been his best friend.

He says over his career Dwight Yoakam, was one of his favorite people to work with. He got to attend the Grammys for a song he wrote for Yoakam.

But again all the credit for his success he trophies back to the Treasure State.

“Whatever the award that they honored me with… to me I bring that back home,” Lazarides said, “and this is home, Montana has always been home, so you know I’m from here, I live here, and whatever I did there is reflective of where I came from.”

He says if you have any interest in becoming a singer-songwriter you’ve got to be tuff, he points out one in four people in Nashville are songwriter, so he recommends having a good day job but says every great song starts with a good breakfast, a true story, and emotion.

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