Joe Bernhardt: "it’s not just a typical Thanksgiving," volunteering with the HRDC

BOZEMAN- Around the holiday season local organizations tend to see more volunteers than in the warmer summer months.

Joe Bernhardt has been a volunteering fixture in the HRDC for the last two years.

At least once a week he is volunteering at Fork and Spoon or one of the many branches of the HRDC to make Bozeman a better place to live.

“During the holiday season you get a lot of volunteers,” Bernhardt said, “but then it drops off after the holiday season.”

Bernhardt is spending this Thanksgiving doing what he loves, helping others. By working at the food bank and feeding people in need, its where he feels he belongs.

“I sit in an office all day, I don’t get a chance to get out and talk to a whole lot of people,” Bernhardt said, “but this gives me a chance to get out there and help the community work with a lot of people.”

This thanksgiving he’ll be at Fork and Spoon serving up meals for those in the community and he’s doing it because he never knows when the shoe could be on the other foot.

“What goes around comes around,” Bernhardt said, “if we’re helping out now the people that were helping now may be helping us in the future.”

It’s become his passion, helping others. But he hopes that you at home will join him and not just during the cold winter months.

“The needs don’t just stop at the end of December, once the holiday season is over the needs continue,” Bernhardt said.

For Bernhardt filling up boxes of food and serving up dinner, its Thanksgiving well spent.

“It’s great because I have fun you know, it’s not just a typical Thanksgiving where go sit around the dinner table at home,” Bernhardt said, “but you get to spend time with other people, you get to get out with your community and help others and have fun doing it.”

If you would like to volunteer with the HRDC you can get information here and if you are in need of Thanksgiving resources that information can be found by clicking here.

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